drnch* is everything that I am, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Creative Director, sometimes ASP Web developer, little bit of flash animation, I work on Windows and Mac, I install, configure and maintain network, servers, etc...


drnch is Aleksandar Atanasovski/Aeterna*, born 1977, married, father of two children (twins).


My first contact with computers is in 1983 with Spectrum 48, and after I continued with almost every other computer that come out. With graphic design I started early, but professionally from 1997. I didn't stopped here, gradually I started with web design and development, a bit of flash animation and for the past 5-6 years I started a new challenge, something completely different from design, and that is installation, configuration and maintaining of network and servers.


I LIKE to design, I LIKE to create, I LIKE to install, I LIKE for my clients to be pleased, I LIKE for you to see my CV


* Aeterna i.е. Vita Aeterna is actually my surname Atanasovski, in Latin, with means Eternal Life
drnch is actually a meal in Army that is served on Sunday and it is a mixture of all the leftovers from the whole week

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